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Estate Planning

Passing it on and Preserving Your Financial Legacy

At ClearPath Investment, we understand the importance of passing on your financial legacy to loved ones and supporting causes close to your heart. Our estate planning services are designed to help you navigate this complex process with ease and confidence.


Our team takes a comprehensive approach to estate planning, considering factors such as asset protection, tax efficiency, family dynamics, and philanthropic aspirations.


We operate as part of a team and routinely collaborate with legal, insurance, and business professionals to ensure that your plan is legally sound and aligned with your intentions.


We consider a wide range of factors and work closely with other advisors to address them. These include:

  • Business continuation concerns

  • Estate tax exposure

  • Inheritance tax exposure

  • Life insurance strategies and liquidity concerns at your death

  • Tax treatment of annuities

  • Division of illiquid estates among multiple heirs

  • Proper titling of real estate and other assets

  • Creditor protection – for you and for anyone else who may be inheriting your assets

  • Family members with special needs

  • Wills, living wills, and trusts.

  • Document preservation

  • Electronic assets
    (passwords, crypto wallets, etc.)

For high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, we recognize the special concerns that come with substantial wealth. We can help protect your heirs from estate and inheritance taxes as well as creditors – all while maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


By working closely together, we aim to preserve the value you've worked hard to build over time while minimizing potential tax burdens for future generations.

You can trust us to develop strategies tailored specifically for your unique circumstances – always keeping in mind what matters most: securing a lasting financial legacy for those you care about most.


Introductory Consultation

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