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Simplify financial growth

ClearPath Investment is a fee-only fiduciary firm utilizing innovative technology to quickly start you on the path for growth. ClearPath Investment operates under a higher standard and prioritizes transparency in serving your interests.    


We make wealth management easy to start and navigate with a well defined end goal.



Our 90-minute discovery meetings delve into your values, goals, and financial situation, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique needs. We examine your current financial situation, risk tolerance, and future aspirations to lay the groundwork for a customized strategy.

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We create a roadmap to achieve your financial goals, identifying and preparing for potential risks. Our contingency strategies are designed to help ensure you maintain financial peace of mind even in the face of unexpected life events. We prioritize comprehensive financial planning to help safeguard your financial future.



With clarity on your values and goals, we implement custom planning and investment strategies. We collaborate with your other trusted professionals, like your CPA and attorneys, to help ensure that all aspects of your finances are in alignment and pursue your most cherished goals.

We evolve and improve, utilizing a tech-driven approach, while listening to your voice, talking your language, navigating you on a clear path to financial success.


You deserve a wealth advisory relationship that goes far beyond mere transactions, phone calls and a few meetings a year. Our relationships are built on trust and a comprehensive approach that addresses every area of your financial situation.


Introductory Consultation

Book a complimentary 1 hour chat with an experienced financial professional.

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