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High & Ultra High Net Worth Wealth Management

ClearPath Investment specializes in serving high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients, as well as high earners on the path to achieving this status. We understand the unique financial concerns of this community, which often go unaddressed in mainstream media.


Our clients have diverse needs, including:

  • Asset protection and Trusts

  • Alternative investments

  • Hedging and option strategies

  • Privacy and security

  • Specialized insurance concerns

  • Business succession planning

  • Estate and inheritance tax planning

  • Management of high-end assets

  • Real estate considerations

  • Mortgage solutions

  • Permanent life insurance analysis

  • Special needs planning

  • Generation-skipping strategies

  • Education consulting

  • Document preservation

  • Strategic gifting strategies

  • Risk and crisis management

  • Philanthropic planning


We work closely with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to maximize and preserve your family's financial legacy.


Risk Management and Asset Protection

We collaborate with you to create tailored asset protection strategies that match your unique circumstances and risk tolerance. Our goal is to identify vulnerabilities and recommend measures to safeguard your wealth from legal threats and financial risks.

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Strategic Partnerships with Legal Experts

ClearPath Investment maintains strategic partnerships with legal professionals who specialize in asset protection. We work in concert with these experts to provide comprehensive protection for both your personal and business assets.


For business owners with multiple interests, we help create clear boundaries between personal and business assets to limit liability and deter potential lawsuits.

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Business Insurance Solutions

Business Liability Insurance: We assess your business's liability exposure and recommend appropriate coverage to protect against various claims.

Employer Liability Insurance: We evaluate your employment practices and provide guidance on insurance coverage for employee-related risks.

Property Insurance: We review your business property and customize insurance solutions to safeguard your assets.

Entity Structuring: We assist in establishing entities like LLCs and trusts to shield personal assets from business liabilities while optimizing tax planning.

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Philanthropic Planning

We actively assist our HNW and UHNW clients in contributing to their communities and leaving a lasting impact. ClearPath Investment helps you design philanthropic plans aligned with your values to maximize your generosity.


This includes collaborating with legal experts to create charitable foundations, exploring donor-advised funds, and optimizing tax benefits from charitable contributions. We can also help you strategically utilize highly-appreciated assets for charitable giving, minimizing capital gains tax.


We collaborate with a diverse team of experts to safeguard and enhance your family's financial legacy.


Join ClearPath Wealth Management

At ClearPath Wealth Management, we're committed to your financial success. With clarity, transparency, and your best interests at heart, we're ready to embark on your financial journey together.

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